Residential Services

Finding a reliable and experienced heating and air conditioning repair service that fits in your budget can be difficult. Luckily, we are here to help you. Our adaptable and reliable service technicians offer the Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast HVAC services for residential properties.



We offer services to homeowners and owners of multi-family structures. Our team can custom design an appropriate heating repair or installation that will fit in your budget.

air conditioning

To avoid being stuck in the sweltering heat of summer, talk to one of our friendly technicians today. We can repair your air conditioner or help you pick a new one.




VRF systems can provide heat as well as cooling and even both at the same time in different parts of the space. These systems give you the ability to create individually controlled zones within your home. Their unique design results in whisper-quiet operation and improved energy efficiency. Smaller air handling units also may mean you don’t have to give up your high ceilings to make room for the HVAC system. You even get the latest control features such as the ability to program your system from your smart phone. What’s not to love?

split systems

Split systems are the residential HVAC systems of choice in the suburbs but can sometimes be used in the city as well. They have outdoor condensing units (which can be housed in a mechanical room) and indoor air handlers. Ductless mini-split systems are frequently used for room additions (where you need to add HVAC without installing a completely new system) or for low-use areas such as garage or basement space.